Battery Recycling

Our Safe and Prompt Battery Recycling Services

Recycle Used Batteries and Protect Your Environment

Protect the environment by disposing of your old batteries the right way and get paid cash for it. Battery World recycles all lead acid batteries, including sealed lead acid, UPS, AGM, GEL, industrial, steel-case, forklift, telecommunication, and more. We also recycle solid lead batteries such as Lead Ingots, wheel weights, lead bars, and more.

Take Advantage of Our FREE Pickup Services

FREE pickup is available for loads approximately 1,000 pounds or more. If you bring your batteries or lead to us, we offer a bonus giving you EXTRA cash for your recyclables.

Our Battery Options and Services

You will love the affordability of our batteries when you inquire about the prices. It's our goal to provide you with quality batteries at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today!
FREE battery pickup available! Call us for our battery recycling services.
We stock top-quality batteries that are better than the ones stocked at Walmart or Costco.
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